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    Donat mg Therapeutic Water 1L


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    This exceptional natural healing mineral water is about 8000 years old and has the richest magnesium in the world.
    Minerals enrich spring water deep underground (between 280 and 600 meters deep) with the dissolution of rocks (magnesium, calcium, sulfate, hydrogen) and other elements (CO2).

    A liter of Donat Mg contains 1040 milligrams of magnesium. Thanks to magnesium and other mineral substances, Donat Mg has healing properties, which attenuate or prevent many diseases and protect our health. In fact, doctors have been successfully using magnesium for a long time to alleviate health problems.

    The effects of Donat Mg consumption and inhalation on health have been studied extensively. Thanks to its composition, it has been used for therapeutic and preventive purposes in the Rogaška Slatina Baths for more than 100 years.
    Donat Mg is a natural mineral water that can relieve and prevent some disorders. In particular, it helps to reduce fatigue and exhaustion, helps eliminate constipation and obesity, excessive secretion of gastric acid, and heartburn .

    In the world, there are several natural mineral waters with positive effects for well-being and health, but few are suitable to be consumed continuously.
    Donat Mg natural mineral water boasts a composition that allows us to consume it all our lives.



    - In the morning before breakfast: Drink 0.2/0.3L quickly, warm or at room temperature
    - Before dinner: Drink 0.2L quickly, at room temperature




    Donut mg water is formed at 280 to 600 meters below the ground from dissolving rocks rich in magnesium, calcium, sulfates, bicarbonates, and many other elements necessary for the normal performance of metabolic processes in the body. It is accompanied by large amounts of free carbonic acid. The water source is constantly being renewed. According to its age Donat Mg is considered an underground water of advanced age and meteoric origin. The average age of Donat Mg, measured by method 13 C, is about 8000 years.



    Values in Mg/L
    Magnesium: 1000
    Sodium: 700
    Calcium: 380
    Hydrogencarbonate: 7800
    Sulfate: 2100
    Chloride Ion: 75
    Carbon Dioxide: min.3500

    Its main characteristics include a high mineral content, more than 13 grams of dissolved inorganic substances per litre (including CO 2), of which only magnesium amounts to more than 1000 mg/l, calcium to about 300 mg/l, and many other elements and compounds that benefit health.
    Donat Mg is an acidic mineral water that, at the source, contains more than 1000 mg of CO2 per liter.



    The first documented use of Donat mg natural water dates back to Roman times, as evidenced by numerous coins from that period found at the springs, where they were thrown to obtain the favor of the gods. In 1572, Swiss alchemist Leonhard Thurneysser performed and published the results of the first water analysis, then known as "Holy Cross Water". Important figures of those times visited the sources in pursuit of health.

    In 1680, the court physician and professor at the Faculty of Medicine in Vienna, Dr. Paul Sorbait, published the book Praxis Medicae in which he described Rogaška's water. He began to prescribe Rogaška acidic water to his famous patients, guaranteeing a place in medical history. Throughout the Habsburg Empire, doctors began prescribing various hydroponic therapies, and studied its effects at the Hospital of Graz. The water's reputation then spread throughout the Habsburg Empire and beyond to Greece and Egypt.