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    Piedmontese agnolotti Langhe cuisine g250

    Cucina delle langhe

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    INGREDIANTS OF PASTA: Flour of grain tender type "00", semolina of grain hard, egg 14.4%, water, vegetable fiber (citrus, chicory and legumes, flavorings).
    FILLING INGREDIENTS 45%: Piedmontese beef 60%, raw ham (pork, salt, natural flavorings), cooked salami (pork, salt, spices), cooked ham (pork leg, water, salt, flavorings natural, sugars: dextrose and sucrose), onions 6.7%, carrots 3.3%, potato flakes (dehydrated potatoes 99%, spice, natural flavoring. metabisulfite)cheese, sunflower oil, potato starch, salt, aromatic herbs, spices. Sprinkle with rice cream. It may contain traces of nutsfishsoy.


    Fresh egg pasta with 100% Piedmontese meat filling


    POWER 1279 kJ - 304 kcal
    FATS 8.5g
    of which saturated fatty acids 3.9 g
    of which sugars 0 g
    PROTEIN 15 g
    SALT 3.2 g



    This cuisine of the Langhe started in a pasta factory born in 1984 in Dogliani, in the heart of the Langhe, a wonderful area in the heart of Piedmont that offers a unique food and wine tradition. Since its foundation, and respecting the most careful farming tradition, the pasta factory has grown. From a small shop it has become a company, managed by the third generation of the family, which has increased production while maintaining the same spirit and passion as always, respecting the classic recipes of grandmothers to produce their pasta.

    Cucina delle Langhe produces its range of products only with the best raw materials: eggs from free-range hens, strictly Italian flour, fillings prepared with 100% Piedmontese bred meat, DOP cheeses, such as Roccaverano, Raschera and Gorgonzola and quality vegetables that are found in the area and only in a few periods of the year.
    The producer's mission is to combine passion with the quality of the raw material, paying great attention to preserving the history and tradition of the Langhe.