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    Patti Artisan Soft Amaretti 200g


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    Sweet and bitter almonds, egg white, caster and icing sugar.



    A recipe that brings with it all the flavor of the Mediterranean tradition: almonds ripened in the Apulian sun are the ingredient that makes soft amaretti so special.
    The shape is slightly irregular because the perfection of craftsmanship lies precisely in its imperfections.



    Born in Sicily, founder Francesco Patti moved to Grassoney and at just ten years old he began to learn the wonderful secrets of the art of pastry. Later, around the 70s he settled in the Canavese and finally in the province of Biella, in Ponderano, where, just below the house, he began to work on a domestic oven that would become the renowned Patti Bakery.

    The success of Patti products comes from various reasons: the choice of top quality genuine ingredients, passion, craftsmanship and a handmade dough, with love and patience, without preservatives and chemical additives.

    Craftsmanship and the highest quality raw materials are the true secret of the goodness of Patti products. In the Patti Bakery we find a team of people who work every single piece every day with passion and dedication, taking care of every detail.

    In addition to being delicious, the products of the Biella bakery are also genuine because they are prepared with Farina Intera® (whole flour).
    The bran of Farina Intera® is subjected to a particular and exclusive patented process that increases the bioavailability of fiber by 20% more than that of a traditional whole meal; besides, Farina Intera® is clear of the typical woody fractions that make whole foods bitter, less pleasant to chew and responsible for irritating phenomena of the colon such as swelling and culture. Farina Intera® translates into an effective response to the growing attention and need to care for one's health through proper nutrition, without therefore giving up the pleasures of the palate.