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    Amaro Braulio 21 Cl70

    Peloni s.r.l.

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    Amaro Braulio takes its name from one of the mountains that surround the Bormio basin, Monte Braulio, in the splendid setting of Valtellina. At the foot of Monte Braulio, in 1875, the pharmacist Francesco Peloni used to go to collect some medicinal herbs. These herbs, flowers, roots, and berries are in fact the ingredients that make up this secret recipe, combined in a skilfull alchemy that gives life to this traditional mountain bitter. With the fresh air of the Alps and the wisdom of those from centuries ago, he managed to combine together 13 herbs, creating something unique and inimitable, further enriched by a long rest in oak barrels.

    Dark and intense color with bright ruby red reflections, the nose presents an incredible aromatic range of lime, mountain herbs, wild flowers, and balsamic and mentholated sensations. The taste is balanced and elegant, rich in herbaceous returns and all the olfactory sensations previously felt, in a perfect taste-olfactory correspondence that leads to a long gentian finish.

     Alcohol: 21 °



    Amaro Bràulio was born in Bormio 140 years ago.
    Today, as then, it is produced with the same care and dedication using some of the best traditional mountain herbs for a strong and unique taste, just like Valtellina.
    The story of Bràulio begins in the nineteenth century in the pharmacy of Dr. Giuseppe Peloni, a great connoisseur of plants and aromatic herbs.
    His son Francesco, himself a pharmacist, soon inherited the same passion and experimented with numerous infusions and drinks.

    One day he created Amaro Bràulio without ever revealing how many and which herbs he had used. It was only to his son Attilio did he share his secret recipe, who, in 1936, published a precious booklet with the emblematic title "In herbis salus". In tantalizing form, they only partially revealed the recipe for the bitter.

    Today it is possible to visit in the historical archive of the Peloni family to observe the collection of plants and herbs that the current descendant, Egidio Tarantola Peloni, has saved by rearranging the ancient botanical tables that date back to the beginning of the century.