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    Amaro Cynar 16.5 Lt1


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    herbal and artichoke leaves

    Alcohol: 16.5 °



    Created in 1952 by the Venetian entrepreneur Angelo Dalle Molle, the Cynar owes its success to the blend rich in scents obtained from the infusion of thirteen herbs and plants, including cinarina, extracted from the artichoke and known for its marked properties digestive. Among the most versatile liqueurs in the world, this amaro was born as a digestive in Italy. It is perfect after meal drink, it can be drunk neat or with ice. Thanks to the properties of the herbs present in its blend, it is an ideal amaro to slow down the pace of today's hectic life. Its aromatic taste also makes it an excellent ingredient for mixing. In fact, it is used as a base for cocktails in Brazil and the United States. In France, it is combined with beer.
    A very bright ebony color with important coppery reflections. On the nose, it expresses an incredible herbaceous baggage from which, above all the aromas, the artichoke leaf stands out, followed by slight sensations of cut grass and wildflowers. On the palate, decisive and bitter, yet remains pleasant and soft. The taste is tasty and balanced, rich in herbaceous and vegetal returns, in excellent balance with the alcoholic note that leads to a finish characterized by a long bitter tail.