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    Amaro Di Torino Cl70


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    Water, Sugar, Alcohol, Natural plant extracts, Caramel E150a

    Alcohol: 28 °

    This ancient recipe from the 1930s has been revisited by the well-known Turin "flavorist" Alberto Giaccone, who, with his experience, has managed to maintain the tradition of the herbal formula while innovating upon its exclusive citrus notes that makes this bitter unique, contemporary, and extraordinary. 



    This story begins in 1930 when Ferdinando Vincenzi created the Distillerie Vincenzi on Via Cesana 36 in Turin. Now, these are the historic headquarters of the distillery.
    In 1935, the Distillerie Vincenzi, in addition to producing liqueurs, also began to producte non-alcoholic syrups. The company resisted the war and Ferdinando's sons, Vittorio and Renato, carried on their father's work in 1946.
    In 1970, Vittorio's son Dario joined the company and changed the historic Bicerin recipe, making it gluten & dairy free. They brought it into the 2000s when the internationalization of the company began, starting with distribution to some European countries.
    Today, the Vincenzi Distilleries are still managed by Dario, Luca, and Andrea.