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    Amaro San Simone 26 Cl70

    Amaro San Simone

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    water, sugar, alcohol, natural flavors, caramel coloring

    Alcohol: 26 °


    Although of pharmaceutical origin, the San Simone amaro is not a specific medicine, with relative limitations, but an excellent liqueur, appreciated and beneficial to all. It is obtained from 39 herbs and roots selected, coming mostly from the surrounding area, recognized for their tonic properties.
    The product, available in the only 70 cl format in the characteristic bottle, combines the effectiveness of its active ingredients with a delicious taste, between sweet and bitter, and a delicate and unmistakable aroma. Its alcohol content is low (26°), therefore acceptable even by the most delicate organisms, if taken in moderate doses.
    The entire production process takes place at the historic Turin plant, from the maceration of the herbs to bottling.
    For over half a century, the main suppliers of the raw materials used have not changed, just as the processing methods have remained the same, simply improved thanks to the use of more modern techniques: they are traced back to good traditional rules, more suitable for keeping the ingredients unaltered. active and aromatic ingredients that characterize the product.
    To better appreciate its refined composition, it is preferable to take it at room temperature, but the Amaro San Simone it is also excellent served cold.