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    Asiago Fresco DOP 400g


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    INGREDIENTS: Pasteurized cow's milk, salt, rennet, lactic ferments.

    The product is sold with a tolerance of +/- 10% as it is cut on the moment from the whole shape to ensure the greatest possible freshness.



    Asiago Fresco cheese, also called Asiago pressed, is produced with whole milk and matured for at least 20 days. The crust is thin and elastic The color is white or slightly straw, and is characterized by a marked and irregular eyelet and the taste of freshly milked milk is delicate and pleasant, and dissolves pleasantly in the mouth leaving an irresistible sweet and slightly acidic note.

    Pairings: To be enjoyed with dandelion honey, canine rose berry jam, strawberry mustard, wines: Asiago must be accompanied with white wine with a low gradation. The delicacy that distinguishes it can only require wines in the same way delicate, fresh and light whites or soft and light rosés.

    If you serve it as an aperitif, then, even a dry sparkling wine can be indicated to him. Examples include Valpolicella Classico and Franciacorta.




    The processing of Asiago DOP Fresh or Pressed cheese dates back to the 1920s: at the time the newly produced shapes were subjected to pressing and we, even today, follow this procedure. We use milk harvested exclusively in the 350 stables of our fellow breeders.

    After appropriate pasteurization, we add veal rennet and selected ferments. As soon as the clot takes on an adequate consistency, we cut it and proceed with the semi-cooking: once we reach the desired temperature, we separate the serum from the curd. This is salted, dried, arranged inside micro-perforated molds and pressed to facilitate the leakage of the residual serum: hence the origin of the name Asiago DOP Fresco "Pressed".

    The next steps include marking the shapes, immersion in brine and, finally, maturation of cheese that must season at least 20 days, strictly within the area of origin, in warehouses with controlled storage temperature and humidity. All phases of production are in accordance with the regulations of the Consorzio Tutela Asiago DOP: a guarantee of the highest quality, periodically checked and certified throughout the supply chain.




    Our cheeses are the expression of a controlled supply chain: from milk to seasoning, up to the consumer's table, this ensures the highest quality and constancy of the finished product.

    From pastures to the table, all our shapes are followed step by step by the expert hands of those who make their work a passion. In our cheeses we meet two stories: that of the earth, of grass and flowers and that of man with animals. Every day we collect fresh milk from small farms, chosen for the traditionality of work, love and dedication for their animals. This precious raw material is transported to the dairy, where the cheese, produced by traditional methods, takes shape. The journey continues in the cool maturing cellars where it will complete the maturation. Complete control over the supply chain thus allows us to guarantee the identity and quality of our products.