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    Rum Babà "Il convent" g300

    Il convento

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    Babà ingredients: Flour 00, vegetable margarine, egg, sugar, salt, yeast, natural flavors.

    Syrup ingredients: hydrated alcohol, sugar, rum.

    alcohol: 14%


    Babà is the traditional Neapolitan pastry combined with rum that creates the perfect union. To consume it recalls the aromas and scents of the distillation of molasses in each bite. It is left to rise in a truncated cone mold and baked in the oven at high temperatures, taking on the characteristic "mushroom" shape.
    With a lively and at the same time delicate flavor, it is perfect as a delicious break or as a dessert to amaze friends.
    To best enjoy this delicacy, it is advisable to arrange them for a few minutes in a saucer to let the liqueur evaporate a little.



    The "Il Convento" farm was founded in 1935 when the farmer Antonino Pollio took over the land that had been cultivated by friars for wine, oil, and rosòlio and then abandoned. This was land he cared about particularly, a land where he had worked for years and learned all the best cultivation practices.
    The tradition continued with father Antonino, who perfected the products in the seventies and made himself known outside Campania. From that moment on, the Pollio family has continued the work of rebirth of the territory: starting in 2014, the family manages the Annunziata fund, an organic farming project producing organic oil and limoncello.