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    Bagna Cauda Gourmet Piedmont 180g

    Buongustaio Piemonte

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    Garlic 60%, extra virgin olive oil, anchovies 24%, salt, cream.



    Garlic, oil, and anchovies. The salt roads form a strong link between Piedmont and the sea. Traveled by the anciué, they carried their precious load of salted anchovies from Val Maira to Liguria and Provence. Then the vegetables, first of all the hunchback thistle of Nizza Monferrato, and the wine, ideally a good barbera. The rite of bagna cauda, an iconic dish of Piedmont, is all here, essential to conviviality. Bagna cauda is enjoyed together, excellently interpreted by the quality of Piedmontese gourmet. A sense of belonging so strong that it spread wherever there were any Piedmontese or Piedmontese restaurants in the world, from New Zealand to Australia, Japan, to the island of Tonga.



    Buongustaio Piemonte® Srl is an Italian artisan company specializing in the production of canned food and Piedmontese specialties. For over 20 years, the founder Sergio De Domenico, together with his wife Paola and his son Alessandro, have been making Piedmontese regional specialties with great passion in long-life jars, without adding any preservatives, dyes, or artificial flavors.

    Good and natural products with a strong link with the Piedmont territory. In 2005, Buongustaio Piemonte was awarded the Piedmont Region of Food Artisan Excellence award for both gastronomy and for under glass products. The raw materials are carefully selected and checked for quality.

    With twenty years of experience in continuous evolution while remaining always faithful to tradition, the family ensures high quality standards in all stages of processing.