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    Fenocchio Barbera d'Alba Superiore DOC 0.75L

    Giacomo Fenocchio

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    Giacomo Fenocchio's Barbera d'Alba Superiore has an intense ruby red color, with garnet reflections. In the mouth it is powerful and full bodied, has great acidity and balanced tannins. This wine has hints of fresh young fruit, with notes of purple and pink and a slight spicy flavor finish. An interesting combination involves cheeses with medium seasoning and an intense and creamy taste such as Taleggio, or rustic foods such as sausage and gorgonzola.

    This Barbera is produced by plants that are over thirty years old and that are cultivated in Monforte d'Alba. The 2.5 hectare vineyard is exposed to the west and is at an altitude of about 300 meters on the sea, on a Helvetian soil with clay sediments, blue marne and tuff. The harvest takes place in mid-October (the grapes undergo a careful selection) and is followed by a 10-day skin contact alcoholic fermentation, without the addition of yeasts, in stainless steel tanks. The wine ages for a period of 6 months in steel, for 6 months in a Slavonian oak barrel, with a further maturation in the bottle before it is put on the market.



    The love for one's own land and the respect of traditions, which have made the Langhe so special over time, are at the heart of this company. The continuous search for innovative techniques that can preserve the environment is also another of the company's cornerstones. The new acquisitions merge with the historical heritage, integrating to obtain a product of the highest quality which represents the territory, preserving it in every way. That of the Giacomo Fenocchio winery in Monforte d'Alba is a story of productive integrity and sacred respect for the territory. For over five generations, this family of winemakers has maintained in its DNA the tradition of the purest barolo experts, of those who do not follow trends or sell out and succumb to the logic of the market. Ten hectares in the heart of Barolo lovingly cultivated by Claudio Fenocchio, an authentic winegrower, who visits the vineyard every day. He knows every clod of his vineyard, captures the nuances of his wines, understands the impact that sand, limestone and clay can have on the grapes.

    "I owe everything to my father Giacomo, who handed down to me his knowledge and passion for vineyards and the land," explains Claudio, with a smile that lights up his face when he mentions his father. Four Crus with different geological characteristics: Cannubi, with marl soils and a conspicuous presence of sand; Villero, rich in iron, with calcareous and clayey sediments; Castellero, similar to the Cannubi but with a prevalence of yellow sands; and Bussia, which has a limestone presence and bluish tuffs. "My favorite Barolo? I should not say it," says Claudio, "because they are all like children to me. But I love Bussia, for its complexity and evolutionary potential."

    In the Fenocchio house no shortcuts are allowed in the production of Barolo, with selective work starting from the vineyard all the way to the cellar that involves completely natural fermentations, indigenous yeasts and temperatures which remain constant only with daily reassembly. The use of certain woods is preferred over others, and let's not forget the aging process done through the cunning use of barriques.



    The Fenocchio are a family from Monforte; they have been winegrowers for generations, but it was with Giacomo, in the seventies, that the fantastic development of their wines began. The winery was founded in 1864, and today Claudio and Albino Fenocchio manage it in the extraordinary location that is Bussia di Monforte. The philosophy that distinguishes this historic Piedmontese winery is based upon the concepts of tradition, of careful work in the vineyards and long vinification through the use of large barrels stored in a cellar. The result is truly extraordinary: a fine wine, with elegant and delicate tones typical of the Nebbiolo variety.

    The grapes are grown in the Bussia vineyard, 4 hectares of land exposed to the southwest on clayey and calcareous soils that are rich in iron. Since 1972, the company has also owned a vineyard in Cannubi, and since 1995 they have owned a vineyard in Villero, where they cultivate the eponymous, highly sought-after cru.