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    BIO drink Chinotto Galvanina Cl35


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    With the natural aroma of Calabrian chinotto, enriched with aromas extracted from herbs, the Chinotto Galvanina it stands out for its round taste and the bouquet of very intense aromas.

    With an unmistakable character given by the intense aroma of citrus and spices, Chinotto Galvanina is thirst-quenching drunk alone. It is also particularly appreciated as an aperitif and proves intriguing as an ingredient for the preparation of cocktails, alcoholic and otherwise. 

    Visual impact: clear, with caramelized shades.

    Olfactory impact: soft and harmonious, the bitter aftertaste persists on the palate with a final sweet note.

    Mixability: ideal for mixing with "gold" distillates, aperitifs, bitters and liqueurs. Perfect for mixing classic aperitifs and long drinks.

    The Galvanina soft drinks they are created in Italy using the best ingredients, the juice and pulps of citrus fruits and fruit.

    A careful selection of raw materials, carefully chosen in the South and the Mediterranean basin, is the basis for the creation of our drinks.

    The unique flavors and aromas of fresh fruit ripened on the plant, respecting natural cycles, give life to products with a unique taste created through the original Galvanina recipes.

    Our ideal for cooling down organic drinks they are thirst-quenching in purity or served with a few ice cubes and a slice of lemon or orange. However it is in mixology that reveal their second soul, becoming perfect ingredients to create cocktails and mocktails cwith a unique quality and taste!


    The company has an ancient and fascinating history. Located on the slopes of the Paradiso hill, where ancient Roman baths stood, Galvanina takes its name from the homonymous source of mineral water. This is where a journey begins that runs through the centuries through the Rimini area.


    Nutritional values 

    Nutritional declaration for 100 ml


    205 kJ / 49 kcal


    0 g

    - of which saturated fatty acids

    0 g


    12 g

    - of which sugars

    12 g


    0 g


    0 g


    0.03 g