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    Aosta Blue cheese PDO 250g


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    INGREDIENTS: Cow's milk, salt, rennet, lactic ferments and Penicillium roqueforti.

    The product is sold with a tolerance of +/- 10% as it is cut on the moment from the whole shape to ensure the greatest possible freshness.



    Blue-veined famous and awarded for its goodness, it presents a compact paste, ivory in color, characterized by uniform blue-gray mottles. The Bleu d'Aoste is the undisputed protagonist of many delicious preparations by the Aosta Valley chefs.

    Bleu d'Aoste is a cheese with a compact paste, ivory color with a characteristic grassing.
    It is produced exclusively using whole milk of native Val d'Aosta bred cows fed fodder from regional pastures located at an altitude of more than 600-700 meters.
    Its production takes place by an addition to milk after pasteurization with a crop of penicillium roqueforti together with selected lactic ferments.

    Pairings: It can be consumed pleasantly alone and with honey and jams or as an ingredient in tasty recipes; excellent in risotto, salads and potato dumplings.

    Wines: It goes perfectly with generous and robust red wines such as Barbera and Barolo or, alternatively, with liqueur white wines such as Marsala or Moscato Passito.