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    Angelo Parodi Muggine Bottarga 20g

    Angelo Parodi

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    Muggine eggs (Mugil Cefalus/Mugil Capurri), Sea Salt.



    The Muggine Bottarga is a representative of Italian gastronomic excellence. Its natural and genuine flavor gives your dishes a Mediterranean touch. Excellent for seasoning first courses based on hot or cold pasta, as well as for unique dishes based on fish and fresh salads.
    Only the best Muggine eggs become Bottarga Angelo Parodi. Bottarga is a very valuable food, consisting of Muggine eggs (cephalus) subjected to a long salting and drying process. It is a unique product not found elsewhere. This small culinary "luxury" is best reserved for a special lunch or dinner.



    Genoa, 1888: They were adventurous and passionate times, in which only courage, experience and intuition could guide the boats to abundant and quality fishing.

    In that year, Angelo Parodi, an enterprising and brilliant Genoese, began to deal with fishing and tuna conservation.

    Today, more than a hundred years later, the tuna canning and storage system adopted by Angelo Parodi has not yet been overcome: that is why the products that bear his name have the same characteristics of quality and authenticity as then, and the same emotions of authentic flavor and goodness.