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    Candies Jellies Strawberry / Pomegranate g100 Nettare della Terra

    Nettare della Terra

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    Sugar, glucose syrup, water, fructose, fruit pulp, honey, gelling agent: pectin, acidifier: citric acid, dyes: carmine E131.



    Honey and fruit pulp jellies



    Nutritional values
    per 100 g 
    Power 1495 kJ
    352 kcal
    Fat  0.1 g
    - Saturated fatty acids  0 g
    Carbohydrates 87.8 g
    - Sugars 62.4 g
    Fibers 0,9
    Proteins 0.2 g
    salt 0.145 g



    The adventure of Enrica and Luca, owners and founders of The Nectar of the Earth started in 2010.
    Previously they lived in Turin, she was a sales agent for food in the large-scale retail trade, he was an insurance sub-agent. The great desire to escape from the chaos of the city led him, in 2013, to buy a property on the top of the hill called "Ca d'Bjet", in Casalborgone, a small village north-west of Turin, thus giving life to their beekeeping activities.
    The company has gradually increased production up to the current management of about 200 certified organic beehives in the Piedmont area.
    Among their proposals we can find organic honeys, organic fruit compotes and candies derived from fruit or bee products.