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    Chiapella Coppa al Trancio


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    Coppa (air-cured pork)



    The Coppa is a cured meat and is made using one of the best parts of the pig. Only the leanest coppas are carefully chosen and trimmed. The meat is salted and massaged, which promotes both the penetration and uniform distribution of the salt. Then it is stuffed into a natural casing and left to dry in special rooms for 10 to 15 days. Next is the curing phase, where they are cured for at least 60 days. When cut, the slice is compact and uniform, bright red in colour with parts of pinkish white fat, a delicate aroma and sweet taste.



    "The history of our Salumificio has been characterised for over fifty years by our passion for producing and processing premium-quality cured meats. Giovanni Chiapella has successfully carried the know-how of three generations of expert butchers forwards, creating a dynamic and modern company with solid roots together with his wife Giorgia and their children. Today Alessandro, Davide and Elisabetta carry the Chiapella brand forward with hard work and dedication. The brand has become a privileged cornerstone for lovers of great cured meats, chosen every day by gourmets and connoisseurs in Italy and abroad."

    "Constantly reinventing ourselves and modernising within an extensive knowledge base: this is the secret of our company. Recovering Langhe traditions remains at the heart of everything we do. At the same time, every day we also seek out new ways to improve our products, experimenting with innovative techniques and drawing inspiration from the best that Italian regional pork butchery has to offer. This allows us to enhance the quality and flavour of all our cured meats, and bring their full aroma all the way to your table.."

    "We constantly monitor every step of the production chain with attention and precision to ensure we are only offering truly exclusive products. From the selection of the meat coming from pigs born and raised in Italy, to the manual processing of the products, everything is carried out to the highest standards. The final touch is provided by the unique microclimate of our hills: dry and breezy, it is ideal for ageing and curing cured meats to perfection."

    "We carefully select only the best gastronomic delights that our land has to offer: from the meats chosen to the ingredients of the mixtures. Barolo wine, hazelnuts, Langhe truffles and Parmigiano Reggiano D.O.P. (Denominazione d'Origine Protetta - Protected Designation of Origin) are just some of the delicacies that enrich our cured meats. We are proud of these choices, because we believe that real masterpieces of pleasure can only come from the best raw ingredients."