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    Corn Flakes Bio Maxi Chestnut Format 500g

    Da Re

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    100% oats.

    Contains gluten. It may contain traces of other cereals containing gluten, (grain, grain spelled e grain Khorasan, rye, barley), soy And sesame.



    Oat flakes are great for breakfast: put the desired amount of flakes in milk, yogurt or any other drink and add fresh or dehydrated fruit to taste. Also perfect for preparing porridge, an oatmeal soup that is often eaten for breakfast in Anglo-Saxon countries.


    The company has been boasting an ancient tradition for generations in the field of making typical Venetian bread.

    It has expanded several times and completely renovated in the 1970s, and at the time it was, in terms of quantity and quality of the types of bread produced, one of the major bakeries active in the North East without losing the connotation of a food company dedicated to the production of traditional Veneto agri-food products. of an artisanal character.

    Deliberately, the company preferred not to transform the production plants into completely automated processes, in the belief that the so-called "industrial" bakeries certainly churned out huge quantities of bread, without however those characteristics of fragrance and palatability that are inseparable from a processing method at least in part, anchored to the best artisan tradition, and therefore linked to various phases to be carried out manually during the production process. For this reason, despite the large quantities of bread produced daily, the subsequent restructuring never disturbed the delicate and essential steps of a pasta manufacturing process carried out according to the most rigorous and traditional canons of the art of baking. This rigorous company philosophy has ensured that the market connotes the typical Da Re bread as a product of great and recognized quality. Hence, however, the difficulties of distributing bread on a very significant number of bakeries and outlets, those of night work and those, almost insurmountable, of finding skilled labor available to work at night where there is a high turnover throughout the sector.

    Hence the need to study, to discover, in some way to "invent" a radically new product, a little bread and a little breadstick, but at the same time able to preserve the characteristics of authenticity and typical fragrance unchanged, in the freshness and flavor of the good typical handmade bread of the past. And this in the wake of the most solid and best artisan tradition.


    The commitment and care that Da Re spa dedicates to the quality of its products reflects the particular attention to the nutritional needs suggested by a balanced, complete and intelligent diet. Quality, reliability, legality and safety of the product supplied, substantial and significant prerogatives for a company that produces bread, thus become the fundamental and ineluctable requirement in a perspective of constant research of the high quality of the food product, processed and baked according to the canons more rigorous than the best artisan tradition.

    In this perspective, they acquire particular and decisive importance some production and product process choices, such as:

    • wide phase of experimentation and careful research on flavors
    • accurate and severe selection of raw materials and ingredients of absolute authenticity and freshness, which takes place in a perspective of rigorous comparison of the qualities and characteristics of each single ingredient;
    • utmost care in the selection and procurement of raw materials as well as of packaging materials.
    • absence of food additives, which together with the nutritional richness of the ingredients used, offers the measure of the genuineness of the Bibanesi.
    • total exclusion in their parts, components and ingredients of transgenic elements (GMO);
    • use of 100% Italian national-regional extra virgin olive oil of extraordinary quality from renowned cultivars.
    • manual pasta ironing;
    • method a "long yeasts”;
    • total quality assurance system through a strict procedure of incoming, in-process and final controls;