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    Corvo Bianco - Duke of Salaparuta 0.75 L

    Duca di Salaputra

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    Mediterranean and full of character, this wine produced with the use of modern technologies, which support the work of man in verifying the integrity and naturalness of the raw material, offers an always perfect tasting experience. Corvo Bianco, with its renewed clean and harmonious design, brings the freshness and fruity aromas of Sicily to the table.

    Color: straw yellow.

    Scent: Intense, fruity and Mediterranean.

    Taste: Fresh, lively, pleasant softness, harmonious and of good character.

    Variety: White berried grapes from Western Sicily.

     Alcohol: 11,5° - 12°

    Pairings: Suitable as an aperitif. It goes well with soups, legumes and vegetables. Excellent with appetizers and fish dishes in general