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    Hazelnut Cream Gourmet Selection 200g

    Uniche e Sicule

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    Sugar, oils (sunflower) and non-hydrogenated vegetable fats (palm and palm kernel), HAZELNUTS (25%), skimmed MILK powder, Whey powder, emulsifier: sunflower lecithin (E322), flavorings (vanillin)



    From the experience in the Sicilian confectionery art was born a spreadable cream based on toasted hazelnuts and cocoa, which you cannot help but notice.
    Unique in taste and aroma, it does not contain gluten; it is a pleasure that you can give yourself at breakfast as a snack, or at any time of the day.
    Try it on a simple slice of bread or with artisan breadsticks as we like to do, otherwise use it to decorate or fill a dessert.




    Ancient and authentic traditions, taste of Sicilian passion, love for the local culture: the farms that give life to the "Unique and Sicilian" products of the Gourmet Alimentum Selection are based on these three pillars. 
    Starting as a laboratory of tastes and flavors, the production chain is completed, from the fields to the final customer to always offer the freshest, most genuine and exclusive product.

    All the various aspects of corporate life are carefully followed by the owners. The attachment to tradition is also reflected in the cultivation of the land and in the production of fruit, linked to a heritage of recipes and procedures handed down over the generations, which is scrupulously followed, but also revisited for a modern consumer, attentive to quality and product innovation.