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    Crema Novi 200g


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    Hazelnuts (45%),Sugar, Lean Cocoa (9%),Skimmed Milk powder, Cocoa Butter, Emulsifier: soy lecithin,Natural extract from vanilla berries,Gluten-free



    Novi spreadable cream is produced with 45% hazelnuts strictly selected from Piedmont hills.
    The high quality of choice local hazelnuts makes Crema Novi perfect to spread, no added fats other than those which are naturally contained in hazelnuts and cocoa.
    Crema Novi is high in unsaturated fats. The hazelnut oil it contains is formed by a high quantity of oleic acid, olive oil.
    The replacement of saturated fats with unsaturated fats in the diet contributes to maintaining normal cholesterol levels.



    Novi, set up in Novi Ligure in 1903, produces chocolate: Grandi Nocciolati, the exclusive Fondentenero and Gran Cru Nero Nero, the traditional Gianduja Piemonte, Gianduiotti, Otello praline, Crema Novi (spread).
    It celebrated its first 100 years in business in 2003.


    The line "chosen for you" Alimentum includes products from suppliers that have already obtained an important diffusion in the Italian market and that are known by many consumers. Our taste experts have selected them for you because they recognize an added value compared to other similar products in terms of flavor, balance and quality / price ratio.