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    Dolcetto d'Alba DOC Wine - Cantina Parroco 0.75 L

    Azienda San Michele Cantina Parroco

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    Generous red color of a very renowned wine drink.

    Color: intense ruby red

    Perfume: intensely floral

    Flavor: almond, dry, intensely velvety with aging

    Pairings: All meal wine

    Alcohol: 13°

    It comes from a clayey soil with sand veins. Alcohol fermentation at controlled temperature of about 28°-30°C in stainless steel tanks.



    San Michele family-run business is a winery founded in 1973 with three other winegrowers by archprist Don Giuseppe Cogno Parson of Neive, a town located in the center of the Barbaresco production area.

    The company cultivates six hectares of vineyards located in the Gallina, Cottà and Gaia crus, which have always been counted among the noblest in the area.

    The family-run business San Michele, at the behest of the deceased parish priest, its founder, is the direct heir and continue of the quality policy of the Cantina del Parroco di Neive, known in Italy and abroad for the nobility of its wines and for the excellent quality / price ratio, which has ceased to exist with the death of its founder.

    In fact, like the parent company, the family-run business San Michele since its foundation has pursued the same objectives even in the past when the thing was not economically rewarding.

    The company is the work of the President Cavallo Franco, the partners Lessio Renato and the spouses Nebiolo Mauro and Franca for the vineyards of the wine technician Cavallo Claudio for the cellar of Dr. Cogno Achille, brother of the deceased parish priest, for relations with customers.

    The reduced production per hectare, the location of the vineyards, the cultivation and winemaking techniques, updated to technological progress while respecting tradition guarantee the wholesomeness and excellence of wines.