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    Dolcetto d'Alba DOC Elio Altare cl75

    Elio Altare

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    Elio Altare's Dolcetto d'Alba DOC is a red with a classic style, obtained from vineyards cultivated in La Morra, in an area famous for the production of fine and highly expressive wines. It is aged for 10 months in steel, ensuring a sincere and clear sip.

    The vinification takes place by maceration on the skins in a rotofermenter at a controlled temperature for 2 maximum 3 days, maturation in steel for 10 months.
    Color: deep purple red
    Scent: elegant hints of violet and small red fruits
    Taste: dry, soft, hinted but soft tannins. Intense flavor of red fruits
    Alcohol: 13°
    Pairings: ideal as an aperitif, appetizers, first courses, white meats, sandwiches, pizza.



    "Our wines are SIMPLE and NATURAL, with this we would like to underline that:

    • the vines are grown without the use of chemicals, fertilizers or pesticides (except in cases of extreme necessity) or other products that could interfere with the growing cycle or ripening of the grapes.
    • We only use sulfur and copper sulphate and organic cow manure for fertilization.
    • During the alcoholic fermentation we do not inoculate with external yeasts, but we only use our indigenous yeasts, followed by a spontaneous malolactic fermentation.
    • Finally, the wines are neither filtered nor clarified.
    • No substances are used that could modify the color or structure of the wine.
    • The added sulfur level is well below that allowed by Italian law.
    We do not apply biodynamics or other similar philosophies, we simply cultivate the vine based on the experience acquired and handed down for tens of generations.
    The first goal is our health and that of the people who work with us and according to the protection and respect of the environment, because it is only from the vineyard that we derive our profit.
    The environment is the only heritage inherited from our parents, we have the obligation and moral commitment to keep it as intact as possible in order to pass it on to the next generations. "


    Grandfather Giuseppe arrived in La Morra in 1948, the Altare family was originally from Dogliani, although ancient papers and wills, translated by a relative archpriest, tell of a strain of vague Jewish origin from Palestine.
    Giuseppe bought the farmhouse in La Morra, about 5 hectares, some vineyards of Nebbiolo, Barbera and Dolcetto and then many hazelnuts, peaches and apples, at that time the orchards yielded more than the vineyards.
    Not easy times, given the crisis that had lasted for years, it was for this reason that Elio with other friends decided to get to know the other wine-growing realities across the border to try to snatch their success. The first trip to Burgundy, in January 76, was a shock, back convinced of the need to change "first of all our head", but also the way of cultivating the vineyards and producing and selling wine, Elio decided to start experiment with other ways as an alternative to the traditional ones.
    He helped himself with a chainsaw, which with granite determination he brandished like a sword: first in the orchard cutting the plants and then in the cellar reducing the old and large barrels into firewood, to make room for the first new barriques.
    His father Giovanni did not understand those drastic choices and took refuge in silence, that son broke with his whole world and was unworthy of his vineyards, he died in 1985 disinheriting it. This choice therefore forced Elio to buy back the land and the cellar from his brother and sisters who in the meantime had decided not to stay in the company.
    Elio did not give up and did not give up, decided to change course to give another interpretation to the wine, favoring elegance, finesse and balance, following a severe work in the vineyard, adopting new winemaking and aging techniques in the cellar aimed at to enhance the vine and the territory, he still stubbornly pursues his dream today.
    Our small size still allows simple and family management today. Under the constant supervision of Elio, the company currently consists of about 10 hectares and the average annual production is about 70,000 bottles.