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    Soft Wheat Flour Primitive Type 1 1Kg

    Molino Pasini

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    Soft wheat flour type "1" obtained from full-body grinding.




    Excellent results in bakery: indicated for focaccia and for direct doughs with short or medium leavening in the field of pizzeria.
    In pastry ideal for: Sponge Cake, Donuts, Puff pastry, Millefeuille, Plum Cake, Margherita Cake.
    A soft dough with regular alveolating, which can be easily laminated and can withstand long processes.
    A flour with a scent and a characteristic flavor, able to make you rediscover the taste of the best selections of fine grains.



    Four generations, 100 years of history, the art of flour imprinted in dna: Molino Pasini is a milling company specialized in the production of high quality soft wheat flours, dedicated both to the final consumer (artisans, wholesalers and retailers) and to those who deal with their transformation, such as the food industry. Borrowing from artistic expressions the values of current events, maximum technical precision and attention to detail, the company is a perfect expression of Italian know-how, so appreciated abroad and so celebrated at home. It has always been the raw material at the center of attention: the grains used are carefully selected in all parts of the world. Once in the company, they are analyzed and identified by the efficient and modern internal research and development laboratory, which ascertains their quality. The new milling plant, a state-of-the-art and fully automated project, processes mixtures of homogeneous grains, from which flours of high quality and constant over time are extracted. Bakery, fresh pasta, pizzeria and pastry are the sectors to which specific product lines are dedicated, in addition the company is also able to customize any type of flour, to satisfy particular needs or needs. At the end of the processing and packaging, and to crown the laboratory controls to which the outgoing flours are also subjected, all deliveries are made by own means, operating under controlled conditions and guaranteed hygiene.