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    Instant flour of Polenta Taragna Valtellinese Tudori g500


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    77% Corn Flour, 23% Flour of grain Saracen


    Rustic flour typical of Valtellina and the Brescia and Bergamo valleys.

    It is obtained by mixing corn flour with variable doses of buckwheat flour. Its name derives from the tarai or "tarel", a long stick used to mix it inside the copper cauldron in which it was prepared.
    The dark color is given by the addition of buckwheat flour.

    It is cooked like common corn flour, tradition recommends using diced cheese for the last few minutes of cooking.


    For four generations Molino Tudori has specialized in grinding buckwheat from which the typical black flour used for the preparation of the typical Valtellina products is obtained.

    The processing is carried out with traditional love, in full respect of the culinary culture that has made pizzoccheri, polenta taragna and sciatt famous all over the world.

    Despite the inevitable evolution of cutting-edge industrial technologies, mandatory to be competitive on the market, the old stone mill continues to grind and maintain the nutritional qualities of the flour and its particular taste intact. Since 2007, the company and its quality system have been ISO 9001: 2008 certified by the Norwegian body DNV, a world leader specializing in the agri-food sector.

    All the flours produced are gluten-free and have obtained the Spiga Barrata brand issued by the AIC (Italian Celiac Association).

    Casteldelpiano, between the woods and the greenery of Monte Amiata, dominates the Tuscan Maremma from above. Generous nature, clear people, pleasure of doing things well, respect for the rules, no rush. And in the air the scent of good things. This is where the history of the Corsini family was born.

    A story of bread and biscuits, of the scents of butter, milk and wheat, which began in 1921 in the old wood-burning oven of Corrado and Solidea Corsini. A story made of passion for good and genuine desserts, respecting ancient rules and a unique family tradition.

    Since then the family art has been handed down from father to son, with time the size of the company changes but the places of production, the company philosophy, the love for quality, the accuracy in the choice of ingredients, the respect for the rules of each processing phase, the magic of that ancient oven and the dedication of the whole family. Values intact, as they once were, to testify to a unique confectionery art, dedicated to those who love the most authentic flavors.


    The Valtellina is a deep valley carved by the movement of the ice and the impetus of the erosion of the rivers that spring from the 3000 meters of altitude of the snowfields to the valley floor. The erratic rocks emerge between the soft silt and the vegetation, in particular the cereals, grow strong and luxuriant, taking on strong and particular flavors. The deep Valtellinese furrow with an east - west trend, compared to the Italian boot, guarantees constant sunshine on the Rhaetian bank even in the rigidity of winter, favoring an exceptional climate.

    Teglio is at the center of this territory, the ancient capital, and here the tradition of buckwheat continues its cultivation and grinding, an art that, for centuries, has made it possible to stand out in the cuisine of the Valtellinesi, a simple people, proud of their traditions, tempered to hardness and roughness, but capable of extracting from the earth the best of its products for quality and genuineness.

    Cultivations are still carried out "by hand" given the difficulties of the crops, mostly steep and in small plots torn from the rocks; man sows and reap ... the sun ripens and the wind and the bees pollinate ... without haste.