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    Farinele Primopan g250


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    Wholemeal spelled flour stone ground (45%), butter, raw cane sugar, egg fresh, hazelnuts, yeast, honey, vanilla extract from berries, salt.
    It may contain traces of other nuts.


    Farinele have all the fragrance of stone ground spelled, a noble cereal particularly suitable for a breakfast rich in fiber.



    Nutritional values per 100 g 

    Power 1960 kj
    476 kcal)
    Fat 19 g
    - Saturated fatty acids 11 g
    Carbohydrates 67 g
    - Sugars 19 g
    Proteins 6.1 g
    Fibers 2.9 g
    salt 0.5 g


    The Primo Pan biscuit factory is a family business that was born at the end of the 1940s in a small town in the Ligurian Alps, where Angela Biga with her husband Silvano carry on the family vocation for white art combined with the excellence of raw materials. This town is Battifollo, a town of just over 200 inhabitants, in the province of Cuneo, between the Mongia and Tanaro valleys. A wooded place, between Piedmont and Liguria, two regions with a vast food and wine culture.

    The Battifollo biscuits keep intact the original tradition and quality, but the most precious recipe that gives uniqueness to the products of this biscuit factory is the rhythm of things done with the right times and with passion.

    The ingredients used they are exclusively Local and organic flours, stone ground and wholemeal, without the addition of lactose enzymes, acidifiers, thickeners, gelling agents or other chemical products, exclusively Piedmontese butter, eggs from strictly free-range hens and round gentle Piedmont hazelnuts. Even the spelled biscuit uses the experimental production of this cereal in the Langa.

    All the biscuits of the Primo Pan line are united by the excellence of flavor, the excellence of the ingredients and above all the great presence of the territory of birth, which is also manifested in the names of the individual biscuits.