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    Favorita delle Langhe - Poor Cellars 0.75 L

    Cantine Povero

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    Descendant of Vermentino, the Favorita was brought to the Roero by Ligurian merchants in the 1700s. This rare vine produces a white grape, once sought after only as a table product. After a long and careful experimentation, the Favorita is now able to give us complex and intense white wines.
    To have a satisfying final product, meticulous selection of raw materials and particular care in winemaking is required.

    With this in mind, the Fratelli Povero Company only uses grapes selected in its "Terre dei Laramè" vineyard, planted in a sandy and sunny soil, and uses the most modern technology for winemaking. The result is a wine with a pale straw color with greenish reflections. Delicate aromas of melon, green hazelnut, medlar, aromatic herbs, citrus fruits, white flowers, and exotic fruit can be recognized.

    The palate is dry, fresh, and savory, with good aromatic movement and a slightly bitter aftertaste.

    It should be served at around 8°C with sushi or other fish-based dishes.

    Grapes: 100% Favorite

    Color: Pale straw yellow.
    Scent: fresh and delicate.
    Taste: dry with good aromatic movement and a slightly bitter aftertaste; green hazelnut and exotic fruit are recognized.
    Pairings: fish dishes and, if desired, on roasts accompanied by white sauces.
    Technique: Destemming and cooling of the de-stemmed grapes at 10 to 12°C.
    Cold maceration for 10 to 12 hours. Soft pressing at 1 Atm.
    Natural decantation: 12 hours.
    Fermentation containers: stainless steel thermo-conditioned tanks.
    Fermentation temperature: 15 to 16°C with inoculation of yeasts selected.
    Duration of fermentation: 15 to 20 days.
    Refinement: 2 to 3 months sur-lie.



    "Grandfather Tumlìn, who planted the family's first vineyard in 1948, felt a strong affection towards his land. He told of the pride he felt in continuing the tradition of his ancestors. The family's roots in the soil date back to 1837, a precious legacy of ancient wisdom, experience, and art that Tumlin handed down to our parents, to us, and that we now pass to our own children.
    He taught us to listen to the seasons. To observe with love the shoots, the vine leaves, and the bunches, with attentiveness to their rhythms of growth.
    He passed on patient industriousness, the knowledge of how to confidently await for the reward for fatigue. This is the legacy of grandfather Tumlìn.
    Our story is one of an alliance between old and new generations, one that allows today to be renewed by past. And for tradition to be reinvigorated by the innovations of the future.
    Thanks to strong roots in our land and history, the wines of Cantine Povero are a "bottled experience" to give to the world."