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    Sugar-free Corsini Rusks 250g with sweetener


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    flour of wheat (Wheat type 1) 45%, sweetener: maltitol, egg fresh from free-range farms 13%, natural yeast (from sourdough Corsini with flour of wheat) 10%, milk, sunflower oil, butter, maltbarley, salt, natural flavors.

    Manufactured in a factory that works dried fruit.



    These rusks are ideal for everyone who follows a healthy diet without giving up taste. They are delicious without any added sugar. Ideal for breakfast or for a snack during the day.

    Corsini rusks are born from a slow natural leavening process with natural yeast from Corsini sourdough.



    Casteldelpiano, between the woods and the greenery of Monte Amiata, dominates the Tuscan Maremma from above. Generous nature, clear people, pleasure of doing things well, respect for the rules, no rush. And in the air the scent of good things. This is where the history of the Corsini family was born.

    A story of bread and biscuits, of the scents of butter, milk and wheat, which began in 1921 in the old wood-burning oven of Corrado and Solidea Corsini. A story made of passion for good and genuine desserts, respecting ancient rules and a unique family tradition.

    Since then the family art has been handed down from father to son, with time the size of the company changes but the places of production, the company philosophy, the love for quality, the accuracy in the choice of ingredients, the respect for the rules of each processing phase, the magic of that ancient oven and the dedication of the whole family. Values intact, as they once were, to testify to a unique confectionery art, dedicated to those who love the most authentic flavors.



    Macronutrients AR *
    Energy value (Calories) 449 kcal 22,5%
    Energy value (Kjoule) ** 1879,87 kJ 22,5%
    Fat 16,10 g 23%
    Saturated fats 5 g 25%
    Carbohydrates 65,90 g 24,4%
    Sugars 2,40 g 2,7%
    Polyols 19.6 g --
    Proteins 10 g 20%
    salt 0,27 g 4,5%

    * AR = reference intakes of an average adult (8400 kJ / 2000 kcal) per day.
    ** 1kcal = 4,187 kJ
    Note: Fats include saturated fats and carbohydrates include sugars.

    The product naturally contains sugars.

    Excessive consumption of sweeteners can have laxative effects.