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    Fichimori Tormaresca 0,75 L


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    Salento Tormaresca Fichimori dei Marchesi Antinori was born on the estate of S. Pietro Vernotico, owned by the Antinori family and located in Puglia, in the Salento area.

    It is mainly produced with Negroamaro grapes, with a small addition of Syrah grapes, cold macerated for 5 days at a temperature of 5 ° C, in order to extract the varietal aromas, color and softer polyphenolic components. The wine, therefore, ferments without skins at a controlled temperature of 18 ° C.

    Red wine to be drunk cold, at a temperature of 8 - 10 ° C, it is ideal to accompany raw fish such as tartare, sashimi and sushi. 

    Obtained with 100% white Moscato grapes.

    Color: purple red with elegant violet reflections.

    large and intense bouquet of cherry and strawberry, accompanied by nuances of currant and pomegranate.

    pleasant and with good flavor.

    Alcohol: 13°

    Pairings: Excellent in combination with appetizers, it is perfect with fish and white meats, both stewed and grilled.


    Passion, courage and confidence in the enormous qualitative potential of Puglia are the elements that prompted the Antinori to invest in this region, particularly in the areas of Castel del Monte and Salento. The basic idea on which Tormaresca's production philosophy is based is to produce great wines from native Apulian vines.

    Excellence:Always try to produce wines of absolute quality, through attention to detail, enthusiasm and passion, research and precision.
    Innovation: Trying to translate insights into actions, thanks to both process and product innovations. Do not set limits, remaining curious and open to the richness of diversity.
    Tradition: Respect for people, places and history that has contributed to creating a unique terroir. Tradition translates into values that become fundamental for the development of the winery and the well-being of the people who contribute to its success.
    Sustainability: Not just environmental; also social, through the search for a valuable development of the company and the territory that never sacrifices the dignity of people and places. Research to understand - in a constant process of improvement - the impact of our business on the environment that hosts us.



    "Our landing in Puglia dates back to 1998, with the system of vineyards and cellars of the Tormaresca company in the Murgia of Bari and in the Upper Salento. Another story of redemption of wonderful terroirs. Perhaps even the most important. In the great plateaus of the "heel" of Italy, wine has been made since the times of the ancient Romans. Indeed, quantitatively, this region was for a long time, just a few years ago, the main producer of wine grapes on the peninsula. However, these were mainly export grapes, cut from their shoots and immediately sent to the rest of Italy and the world to make table wines from other wineries.

    If there is a place where wine of quantity, rather than quality, was historically born, it was here, between the Adriatic and the Ionian. Things have started to change a few years ago. Now a great renaissance of local terroirs is underway. All of Puglia is crossed by wine routes and dotted with new state-of-the-art wineries. We are talking about the awakening of Primitivo, Negroamaro, Aglianico .. Today in this region there are twenty-five DOC wines, pearls of a whole new and very fruitful season. To which we hoped to make our contribution. It was once again a journey to those places, halfway between vacation and exploration, that made us understand the potential of this new southern frontier.

    It was, as always, Cotarella and I, in the mid-nineties. I immediately felt that here there were ancient grapes, dating back to Magna Graecia, which still had to blossom, oenologically speaking. If elsewhere, arriving in a new wine area, we had to start with the selection and reworking of the vines and soils, here the situation was very different: the grapes were splendid, the soils were perfect, but in my opinion there was a lack of modern quality-oriented structures and procedures

    Thus was born the Cellar of Masseria Maime, in business since 2009. Extremely modern, conceived according to the most recent doctrines on winemaking by Renzo Cotarella, yet surrounded by fields, woods and centuries-old olive trees. And we also worked on marketing, with small ideas such as Fichimori, which aims to create the new tradition of cold drunk red. Or with an extra virgin olive oil made from two Apulian varieties: Cellina and Coratina. "
    (Piero Antinori, The scent of Chianti - History of a family of winemakers, Mondadori - 2011)