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    Sweet focaccia from Giaveno G350

    Panificio Guglielmino s.r.l.

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    The sweet focaccia of Giaveno is a truly fantastic typical dessert that deserves to be known and appreciated even outside this small and charming town. 

    It is a compact dough cake that owes its sweetness to the sugar with which it is sprinkled. It is a simple, historical dessert, to be enjoyed after a meal or together with a cup of tea or coffee in company. 

    Giaveno is a town located in Piedmont and is part of the Mountain Community of Val di Susa and Val Sangone. Legend has it that its name is due to the words Iam Veni, (literally, I have arrived), pronounced by Hannibal as he passed through the valley. One thing is certain: if Hannibal had tasted this focaccia, he would surely have fallen in love with it!

    Nutritional values As sold
    for 100 g / 100 ml

    Power kj
    Fat g
    - Saturated fatty acids g
    Carbohydrates g
    - Sugars g
    Proteins g
    salt g
    Sodium g


    The Bernardino Bakery is located in the municipality of Giaveno and has been producing sweet and savory specialties for decades. It is well known in Piedmont for the production of the unmistakable sweet focaccia of Giaveno, of which it holds the secret of its historic recipe.