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    Gavi di Rovereto DOCG - La Scolca 0.75 L

    La Scolca

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    The Gavi La Scolca it is produced exclusively with Cortese grapes, it is vinified using grapes from young vineyards located in the heart of Rovereto, the '' Gran Cru del Gavi ''. The perfect balance of maturation gives the wine its typical fresh and dry taste. Now a point of reference in the Italian wine scene, this wine, produced in full respect of a centuries-old tradition, represents the true essence of Gavi.

    Color: straw yellow.

    Scent: typical, fine, pleasantly fresh.

    Taste: delicate, very dry, characterized by a rather pronounced acidulous vein.

    Variety: 100% Cortese grapes

     Alcohol: 11,5° - 12°

    Pairings: with a fine, delicate, pleasantly acidulous taste, it is suitable for hors d'oeuvres, fish and seafood. On oysters it has no rivals, but it can elegantly accompany white meats and vegetable pies.


    All grapes have places where, when grown, they give the best of themselves.

    Indeed, some are able to express all their potential in only one place, where the vine finds the soil, the climate, the altitude,
    the exposure that fully suits him: only there and nowhere else.

    The Cortese grapes, for example, in the area of Gavi once called Gavi Ligure, near Novi Ligure, give a wine with an aristocratic personality, mineral and intense, long-lasting and elegant. And, within the territory of Gavi, the most excellent results are obtained in the Rovereto area: if there were a classification of vineyards in Italy as in France, Rovereto di Gavi would undoubtedly be the "Grand Cru of Cortese".

    The La Scolca® farm has its vineyards in the most beautiful locations in Rovereto, and its Gavi Dei Gavi® represents the pinnacle of the wine that is produced in this micro-area. But this exciting result does not derive exclusively from the fortunate position of the vines, but is also the result of particularly successful enological and viticultural practices, which allow it, with the same raw material as the other vineyards in the area, to have an extra gear.


    What strikes arriving at Tenuta La Scolca, in addition to the Ancient Tower that overlooks the house, is the pleasantness of the atmosphere that is perceived: everything takes place with harmony and punctuality that only well-tested mechanisms can show.

    The La Scolca® estate was purchased between 1917 and 1919 by the great-grandfather of the current owner Giorgio Soldati, who today runs the company together with his daughter Chiara Soldati, fifth generation with an eye to the third millennium. The past and the future coexist in this company that best combines the naturalness of those who have always lived in this world with the speed of those who look forward with the foresight of courageous captains: never as in the case of the Soldati family do names have a meaning. symbolic. The name of the plot derives from the ancient toponym "Sfurca" or "Look away" and the farmhouse that stood there had in the past been a lookout post. The surname fully reflects the proud and tenacious character of the owners and their wines.

    At the time of purchase, the property was partly covered by woods, partly cultivated with wheat. It was a well-studied intuition to plant Cortese vineyards in 1900 in an area exclusively dedicated to the cultivation of red grapes: never, as in this case, was the name of the company prophetic. Production soon became a primary technical and entrepreneurial activity. La Scolca is therefore the oldest company in the area, due to the continuity of management by the same family, but at the same time it is the most modern.

    Giorgio proved to be a very valid and imaginative innovative interpreter: his is the creation of successful wines and sparkling wines without ever betraying loyalty to the land of Gavi and to the Cortese vine. But the most arduous task he took on, together with his family, was to maintain the leadership achieved by the company over the years, further strengthening the image and fame of Scolca with an all-Piedmontese will and the philosophy of the highest possible quality.