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    Varvello Glaze of Balsamic Vinegar IGP 250ml


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    Cooked grape must, Balsamic Vinegar of Modena IGP (Indication of Geographic Protection) 30%, modified corn starch, pectin.



    With Varvello's Cream of Balsamic Vinegar IGP 250 ml you will savor one of the great goodness of Italian cuisine in an original and delicious way. It is a precious and quality product, which will flavor your every dish with its sweet and sour soul, making it tastier and more appetizing. It is produced in La Loggia, near Turin, home of stylish wines: it is a thick, velvety and full-bodied glaze. The texture derives from a particular preparation of the great chefs who cook balsamic vinegar over low heat, adding butter, sugar and flour in order to obtain a creamier sauce. Varvello's Cream of Balsamic Vinegar IGP 250 ml is free of preservatives and dyes, and will conquer you at every meal thanks to its perfect balance between the acidity of red fruits and the floral essence of Sangiovese grape must. Match it with grilled meat, risotto, game, fillet and chicken escalopes; also perfect on strawberries and sorbets after a meal. It is ideal for garnishing fresh summer salads.



    In our cellars in La Loggia there is a realm of flavors and sensations harmoniously combined with each other. Precious fragrances of wood, fruits, flowers and aromas that envelop and conquer every visitor in a unique, elegant and surprising way.
    Our vinegars are born only from Italian wines, and like great wines, ripen in the oak barrels of Slavonia and Larch of America: four months, vinegars from white wines (preferably from Sicily), over a year (sometimes even two), those from Piedmontese wines. Here is the secret of goodness of the particular bouquet that makes Varvello wine vinegars unique.
    A secret that will be revealed to you from the first taste.

    The image of the king on our historical labels and the crown on the logo represent the official recognition that has been given to the only royal vinegar. A well-deserved title and confirmed over time by market experts who recognize and corroborated its unmistakable majesty. But Varvello today also means Balsamic Vinegar of Modena PGI, produced in Bastille in the heart of the typical area.
    Here the wine vinegar meets, in a skilful mixture, the must cooked from selected grapes of only seven grape varieties (Trebbiano, Sangiovese, Lambrusco, Montuni, Albana, Ancellotta and Fortana).

    The aging in barriques and oak barrels creates a Balsamic Vinegar of Modena IGP (Indication of Geographic Protection) with an inimitable flavor, in perfect harmony with the traditional Varvello quality.
    Another treasure, all to be discovered, which makes even richer the heritage of aromas and flavors of Casa Varvello.