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    Gorgonzola Belzola 300g

    La Campana

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    Milk, lactic ferments and fungal startes (including Penicillium roqueforti), salt, rennet



    Pairing: The perfect combination is with polenta. Also suitable as an ingredient of stuffed pastes. In our opinion it is irresistible even alone with a piece of bread or a breadstick. It requires full-bodied red wines, passiti or marsalates, or abbey beers.



    It is one of the oldest cheeses and among the first to have obtained the D.O.P. (Denominazione d'Origine Protetta | PDO Protected Designation of Origin) recognition. Gorgonzola is said to have been produced for the first time in the year 1870 on the outskirts of Milan, in the city of the same name, at the time recognized as an important trading center. It is also said to have been accidentally produced by a distracted young man who, to run to his beloved, left the fresh curd hanging from a hook in a damp cellar. The next day, to make up for the mistake, he added the fresh curd of the morning. Tasting it the cheese obtained, he found it excellent, so much so that he still repeats "the mistake". It has always been called a "green stracchino" and, due to the need to distinguish it and enhance its origin, it bears the name of the city of Gorgonzola, still today the productive epicenter.