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    Valverbe Organic Sleeping Well Infusion X20


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    Passiflora aerial parts, exculzia flowering tops, hawthorn flowering tops, meliloto flowering tops (title in coumarin 0.4-1%), sweet orange fruit, natural aroma of orange




    Herbal integrator based on plants combined to promote relaxation and a physiological sleep.

    A cup of Serene Sleep, in the evening before bedtime, promotes physiological and natural relaxation, helps fight insomnia and anxious states, helping to give hours of quiet rest asleep without continuous awakenings that prevent you from regenerating the body and mind. Valverbe's Serene Sleep herbal tea gives you those hours of sleep you've always dreamed of.

    Sonno Sereno is a herbal supplement based on plants exclusively from organic farming processed according to the principles of the Valverbe philosophy: all our herbal teas are prepared with ingredients grown in respect of the environment packaged and dried with the use of natural and renewable energies.
    Our products do not contain gluten and are therefore also suitable for people suffering from celiac disease.

    The Herbal tea Sonno Sereno Valverbe is characterized by a pleasant taste of orange. This infusion combines the sedative qualities of passiflora, known for its calming properties and indicated to counteract insomnia. Passiflora promotes continuous and natural sleep.
    Melilote, thanks to the presence of coumarin, favors lymphatic drainage and represents a valid support for the circulatory system, counteracting swellings to the lower limbs, varicose veins and heavy legs. Melilote is also known for its relaxing and relaxing properties of the nervous system. Coumarin promotes blood fluidization therefore is not indicated in subjects who take medicines for this purpose.

    Finally, hawthorn has always been known as the plant of the heart: its cardiotonic and cardioprotective properties, combined with sedative and anxiolytic qualities, constitute a valid help for a quiet and restful sleep.
    The herbal tea Calm Sleep must be taken in the evening (for greater effectiveness you can use 2 sachets for each cup of water) leave to infuse for 6-7 minutes in boiling water. Sweeten to taste with acacia honey to enhance the taste of plants or drink naturally without any addition



    Valverbe is a splendid combination of the ancient herbal tradition and the advanced search for new production technologies.
    Born in 1985 in Bellino, 1500 meters above sea level in the upper Val Varaita, an uncontaminated place, jewel of Alpine architecture, where man and nature find the right balance with respect for each other.

    Dedicated to the cultivation, drying and processing of medicinal plants from organic farming, it is now based in Melle, in the average Val Varaita.
    Particularly known for its appreciated "mountain herbal teas" Valverbe, a cooperative agricultural company, operates according to a supply chain logic that, unique in the sector, goes from cultivation to the finished product packaged in filters.
    The herbs, organic, GMO-free and fresh from harvest, are dried with an innovative "open cell" system that deprives them of water but preserves its cell membrane and with it the active ingredients, aroma and scent: a revolution compared to the traditional system, with results that are seen and felt!

    The herbs thus dried, in fact, when rehydrated, bulge and tend to resume the turgir of the fresh plant thus creating the optimal conditions for an effective extraction process when preparing herbal tea.
    After being mondate, sifted, ground in the right piece, mixed in due proportions and according to the ancient recipes, the herbs are cleaned "naturally" from the bacterial load and packaged in double wrapping filters with organic cotton thread, without a metal dot, using solar energy provided by a 27 Kwp photovoltaic system.