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    Cascina Sant'Anna Semi Skimmed UHT Milk 1L

    Cascina Sant'Anna

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    Semi Skimmed Cow's Milk of Piedmontese cows, produced and packaged in Italy.



    Cascina Sant'Anna started its activity in 1966 in Cavallermaggiore, in the heart of Piedmont region in Italy.
    Here the watchword is well-being: animal welfare and passion for their work, which brothers Francesco and Ugo Mellano inherited from their parents. A story of sacrifices and ordinary effort to pass on to children the tradition of breeding, which means past, present and future: in a word, their life and that of their animals.

    The company remains at "family size" focusing on quality rather than quantity, and this is perceived by the taste of milk.
    There are some determining aspects in this:
    - The feeding of cows is determined with the utmost attention and considering the experience of tradition.
    - Milk is cooled in a very short time after milking in order to preserve the characteristics of the product.
    - In a maximum time of 56 hours the milk passes from milking to packaging while safeguarding tastes and aromas.

    Nevertheless, the most important element is the attention and love for animals.
    In the barn there is continuous ventilation, music, misting, brushes for self-massage and pedicure service once a week.
    Hay and corn served on stainless steel plates to ensure hygiene, flavor and fragrance of dishes. Pregnant animals are left free to trample the earth to facilitate calving and improve the vigor of unborn calves.
    In addition, three daily milkings are carried out to ensure the collection of milk in the least traumatic way possible.

    As a result, a highly digestible milk is obtained that keeps intact its organoleptic characteristics, difficult to find in any other long-lasting milk.



    "From an early age - Francesco and Ugo Mellano say - we were fascinated by this world, and, even today, witnessing the birth of a calf, feeding it, remains for us a magical moment. There are jobs you don't choose, because they choose you. For us it was like this: we grew up in this farmhouse, where Dad showed us what it's like to take care of an animal, and receive the gift of nature in return. And even today we feel the curiosity and enthusiasm of when we were children, of when we just wanted to play with animals".

    "Our secret lies in respect for animals and the balanced management of livestock farming. Those who taste our milk, realize that the quality of the feeding of cows and the care of breeding make the difference. We are not fearing comparisons on flavour and digestibility."