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    Tesori di Langa Linden Tree Tiglio Honey 350g

    Tesori di Langa

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    Italian honey 100% gluten-free, preservative-free.



    Tiglio honey is produced between June and July from the flowers of tiglio plants.
    At the time of harvesting, it is very light in color. It then crystallizes and takes on shades of color from beige to ivory.

    The natural presence of menthol characterizes its pronounced flavor, accompanied by a widespread feeling of freshness. The aroma is persistent, with almost balsamic scents, reminiscent of medicinal herbs and spices.

    It preserves the relaxing and sedative natural properties typical of the flowers from which it is born and for this reason it is the ideal honey for herbal tea in the evening.



    The Brezzo farm that packs honey from the special Tesori di Langa label is synonymous with tradition, innovation, craftsmanship. For three generations, this farm has produced and selected food specialties that are a living and authentic expression of the territory of the Roero hills in the Langhe. In 2014, UNESCO declared these hills a World Heritage Site as an "Exceptional example of human interaction with its natural environment".

    Brezzo is a family business that passes on the taste of a job done with your hands, with your head, with your heart.



    Grandfather Gervasio is a country man: he knows the land and its fruits, animals, fatigue. He lives on traditions and insights: like that of honey, roero pride, excellence of his beloved land. In 1948 in Monteu Roero Mel, Brezzo beekeeping was born. Today his name is synonymous with quality artisan honey.

    Move the bees? What madness! But Grandfather Gervasio had an idea: bring his hives to the wonderful valleys of Cuneese to produce mountain honey. Load the hives and bevelers on the bike and pedal until you reach the peaks where rhododendrons bloom. His passion also infected his younger brother, Carlo, who is still dedicated to beekeeping today. Brezzo is one of the first companies in Italy to practice bee nomadism. We have been moving hives for over 50 years in search of the best flowers and pollens, offering a wide range of honeys that are an expression of their territory of origin.

    Since 1970, the company has been consolidating and growing. Brezzo honey imposes itself on the local market for its quality, care, and authenticity. Gervasio's two sons, Giuseppe and Mario, have also joined the company. Brezzo is rooted in the territory.
    From the 1990s to today, Brezzo has grown further and became a reference point of excellence for quality mellifer products beyond Italy's borders.