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    Palmieri Mortadella Favola 110g


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    Favola is the first and only Mortadella in the world stacked and cooked in a natural rind.

    This is the original patent of the Palmieri family, which has made this unmistakable mortadella unique and inimitable. A simple and natural recipe, consisting of only ITALIAN MEAT and CHEEK (for the preparation of "lardini"), salt, natural flavorings, and acacia honey.  Unmistakable from the fire stamp and the characteristic handmade stitching and binding, Favola is also suitable for consumers with celiac disease.



    Once upon a time there was a small shop in the center of Modena where the most genuine meats were carefully processed by grandfather Emilio to become quality artisan cured meats; it was 1919 and that passion for good things has remained unchanged for three generations in the Palmieri family.

    The art of making cured meats was handed down to his son Carlo who, at a very young age, decided to make the experience his own and one he put to use in 1961 when he realized his dream: to open his own business, moving to the Lower Modena area and starting a still artisan production of mortadella, salami, greaves, pancetta, coppa, using the meat of the pigs that he raised and butchered.

    Today, they call it supply chain control, but for his father, it was the desire to create a unique and genuine product, starting from the quality of the raw material.
    The work increased, the spaces were no longer sufficient and in the 1970s the company moved to San Prospero where, together with their children, they laid the foundations for the current plant which occupies an area of ​​about 30,000 square meters. Modernly rebuilt after the tragic event of the 2012 earthquake, the plant boasts a production capacity of over 100 tons of meat per week.

    Today, Salumificio Palmieri is recognized on the Italian and foreign markets as a reference brand in the production of quality mortadella and also precooked such as: zampone, cotechino, and shank. In the latter area, in particular, it has developed a strong specialization in favor of Private Labels, managing to ensure the highest levels of service to the most demanding customers.

    All without renouncing the ancient and stubborn passion for the product, which distinguishes the indispensable approach of the Palmieri family to their profession.