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    Renato Ratti Nebbiolo d'Alba DOC 0.75L

    Renato Ratti

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    This Nebbiolo by Renato Ratti is an intense and good-bodied red wine, born in the prestigious cru of the Roero area, aged for about 8 months in oak barrels grapes: 100% Nebbiolo.

    On the nose it expresses hints of ripe red fruits, cherries, pepper, and red flowers.
    The flavor is full-bodied, structured, fresh, graceful, and pleasantly tannic.
    Acidity and delicate structure make it an elegant and harmonious wine.

    Pairings: Pleasant throughout the meal. It is enhanced when combined with soups and soups to try absolutely with the tajarin with broth.

    Alcohol: 14%



    In the middle of the hill overlooking the main valley of Barolo, overlooking the first buttresses striped by neat vineyards, lies, precious jewel of the fifteenth century, the Abbey of the Annunziata.

    Just as the friars in ancient times produced wines obtaining them from the grapes of the Abbey conca, a position of first magnitude, so today, following the same teachings, incomparable wines are produced.
    Renato Ratti's sophisticated and innovative winemaking philosophy continues today thanks to the passion and commitment of his son Pietro.