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    Rossogargano Whole Peeled Tomatoes 400g


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    Tomatoes from Apulia



    Rosso Gargano, based in Foggia, makes the concept of the high quality short supply chain a reality. In fact, the company's members produce these very tomatoes, allowing for extremely precise quality control. There are many varieties of Rosso Gargano on the market from peeled to cherry tomatoes, from date to tomato puree, both for home cooking and catering.

    The tomatoes are grown in the land of Apulia (Puglia) where the sun, drip irrigation, and soil create a lush, healthy environment. Some of the varieties are watered with salt water. They are cultivated with passion by dedicated farmers who give life to unique and unmistakable products. Followed throughout the growth path by experienced farmers who personally select only the best of production, from seedling to red and ripe fruit. A few hours after harvesting, the tomatoes are brought under a safe roof and transformed to preserve all their freshness up to your table.



    In our history as producers, deciding to join forces to equip ourselves with our own plant was an important choice. We did so with the intention of minimising the processing time of our tomatoes and being able to follow the whole process in person to the table.

    Our company employs people who handle tomatoes with special attention and who keep quality and the consumer always in mind. Entering the establishment and smelling fresh tomatoes is a satisfaction that fills us with pride and repays us for sweat and worries. So today, our tomatoes undergo essential processing without additives and arrive on the table as if it had just been picked with all the flavor of this land.