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    Pinot Bianco DOC H.Lun 0.75 L


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    Since 1840 H.LUN wines have been synonymous with quality of South Tyrolean origin.

    100% Pinot Bianco grapes, harvested entirely by hand.

    Fermentation takes place in stainless steel tanks at controlled temperature. Then the wine stops for a short time in the same containers to refine its characteristics of fruity and freshness.

    It has a bright straw yellow color. On the nose it opens with intense and decisive aromas of elderberry, enriched with pleasant notes of pepper. On the palate it is full and full-bodied, of good balance.

    Alcohol: 13.5°

    Pairings: The delicate aroma, with the slight scent of apple blossoms and the lively flavor make Pinot Bianco the favorite wine as an aperitif as well as the ideal accompaniment for white meats and fish.



    In the long wine-making tradition of South Tyrol, H.Lun wines have always played a very special role. With great competence and foresight, already in 1840, Alois H. Lun had the entrepreneurial courage and tenacity to produce exclusive wines from the best terroir, to which he gave his name: this is how the quality brand H.Lun was born.

    The south Tyrolean vines enjoy ideal climatic and geological conditions: a mild climate of continental Alpine type, with over 300 sunny days a year the Alps to the north shielding the region from the northern cold winds, while from the south the warm currents of the Mediterranean and Lake Garda come to caress the vines. The strong temperature differentials between day and night, an average temperature of 18°C during the vegetative period, and the presence of frequent precipitation, are the ideal ingredients for harvesting quality and perfectly ripe grapes. To each vine its soil: from the arid terroir of the volcanic porphyry, to the metamorphic rock of quartz and mica, from limestone and Dolomite rocks to marl. It is in this variety of soils that both native and international vines find ideal growing conditions.