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    Piaceri Italiani Prosciutto Crudo San Daniele DOP 100g

    Piaceri Italiani

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    INGREDIENTS: Pork, Salt.



    Ever bite of San Daniele Ham is an experience of goodness and delicacy.
    Each slice is the result of a centuries-old tradition that has made San Daniele the Italian excellence appreciated all over the world it is today. Come find out what makes our Ham special.
    Made for centuries with the passion and dedication of strong people who know how to create the greatest delicacy.
    It's a salty meat that's sweet.
    A pride for those who produce it.
    An Italian excellence deeply linked to the place where it is produced, where the winds blow in from the Carnic Alps to the Adriatic to give it its irreplicable scent.
    A prodigy of taste created in the same way for centuries.
    A knowledge passed down across generations and that has made this place, this name, this Ham unique.



    The selection: San Daniele is made only with pigs born, bred, and slaughtered exclusively in Italy. Pigs must be fed according to a controlled diet based on whey and noble cereals as per official production specifications. Only thighs that pass the preliminary compliance check can enter the processing process. The chosen meat is stored for 24 hours at a temperature between -1°C and + 3°C so that it is "toned". Finally, meats are especially trimmed in a manner that promotes the loss of moisture.

    Salting:  After a further 24 hours, the thighs are covered with sea salt and stretched out at a temperature between 0° and 4°C. Following tradition, each ham rests in this stage for a number of days corresponding to its weight in kilograms. This process maintains the integrity of the meat and improves its taste.

    Pressing: After salting, the hams are pressed along the muscle mass so the salt penetrates deeply and gives the meat optimal consistency for subsequent maturation. This phase, exclusive to San Daniele, gives it the characteristic guitar shape.

    Rest: The salted thighs are put to rest in dedicated salons, where a humidity varying between 70 and 80% and a temperature between 4 and 6°C is maintained. This phase lasts up to the fourth month from the beginning of processing and allows the salt to be distributed evenly inside the ham.

    Washing: After rest, the thighs are washed with warm water. This phase is very important because it favors the toning of meat and, with the change of temperature, the maturation process begins.

    Seasoning: The production specifications require that the seasoning takes place strictly within the municipal territory of San Daniele del Friuli and that it lasts until at least thirteen months after processing begins. Throughout this period, it is essential to maintain an optimal condition of temperature, humidity, and ventilation.

    Greasing: The plum is applied to the part not covered by the cotenna. This paste consists of pork fat and rice or wheat flour protects and softens that portion of meat, thus preventing the underlying meat from drying out.

    Pointing: During seasoning, it is necessary to periodically check the whole process. This happens through a series of regular checks on each individual thigh. Two types of checks are carried out. A typing test to control the consistency of the ham and the tip test, which consists of sticking a horse bone at certain points of the meat to evaluate its state of maturation and smell.

    Marking: Only at the end of the thirteenth month may the final product inspections take place by IFCQ, the control institution. Only hams that pass these tests are certified and branded with the San Daniele brand, which includes the manufacturer's identification code and guarantees the quality of the product.