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    Prosecco Valdobbiadene DOC "Strada di Guia" - Foss Marai 0.75 L

    Foss Marai

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    Valdobbiadene comes from the hilly area of the same name in the municipality of Valdobbiadene; it is an elegant and magnetic Prosecco, a great aperitif, a real flagship for the territory made up of 100% Glera grapes.

    Wine with a straw yellow color and a fine perlage. The nose expresses 

    All 'smell expresses fragrant aromas of white pulp fruit and freshly picked flowers. 

    The Sapore  it is characterized by a good acidic shoulder and a very clean closure which are anticipated by a hint of Thymus which opens to a fresh, balanced taste.

    The acidity and delicate structure make it an elegant and harmonious wine.

    Pairings: It is a must as an aperitif. It is easily combined with fish (even raw), shellfish and sweet cheeses.

    Alcohol: 14°


    “Leniter in itinere”: slowly traveling.
    This is the Foss Marai company philosophy.
    Foss Marai who knows, who experiences, who renews.
    Foss Marai who creates. Masterpieces to drink. Chalice elegance.

    Because each product is conceived as a work of art, and the catalog of labels represents a collection of unique quality jewels.
    A quality that comes from the experience gained over the years and from the craftsmanship, from daily research and from continuous technological innovation.
    A quality that stands at ever higher levels, in the international wine market, with the best Italian sparkling wines.