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    Pastai Gragnanesi

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    Durum wheat semola paste, cold spring water.



    The Agricultural Society of Pastai Gragnanesi is heir to the centuries-old tradition of the master pastamakers of Gragnano.

    It represents "the art of making Pasta all'Antica and per Passione" scrupulously following the ancient disciplinary and making use of the secret knowledge, "the tricks of the maccaronaro trade" handed down from generation to generation.




    The real artisan pasta of Gragnano certified PGI is produced as per tradition in vertically developed pasta factories, (unlike the current horizontal pasta factories characterized by high speeds and pressure) as was the case in the second half of the nineteenth century where the ancient palaces of Gragnano housed the hundred and most renowned pasta factories in the city.

    In this way you can safeguard the ancient and tried and tested processes of craftsmanship, the strong and characterizing dexterity, the ancient division of roles (kneading machine, cutter, drainer, packager) to guarantee a production of artisan pasta of Superior Quality.

    The result is a unique flavor, that compactness, and the extraordinary cooking hold typical of the best Gragnano Pasta of the tradition.




    " Our artisan pasta is of Superior Quality. Because?

    Because we use the best semola mixtures: high quality hard grains with low ash content and high protein quality.

    Because we use small bronze dies to ensure the paste is slowly drawn and low pressure.

    Because we guarantee a natural, slow and static drying, safeguarding the proteins of the pasta and therefore its flavor and nutritional capacities.

    If you are a demanding consumer and do not want to give up the flavors of the past, never miss on your table the Superior Quality Artisan Pastas of Pastai Gragnanesi. "



    TIPS, RECIPES AND INFORMATION For good cooking it is necessary to evaluate the

    appropriate amount in relation to the quantity and shape of the pasta to be cooked (for paccheri, for example, it takes much more water than for pennette): the ideal ratio should be about 5 liters per 500 gr. of pasta.

    The shape of the pot is important, because it must be able to completely and immediately contain all the pasta at the time when we 'drop' it in boiling water (to cook spaghetti and all long pastas it would be better to have an oval-shaped pot, where you can immerse the pasta horizontally). It is not always necessary to 'remove' the rough paste (because it is drawn in bronze) during cooking: this operation, if necessary, must be done only a few minutes after the resumption of boiling, taking care to use ladles and /or wooden forks.

    The draining of the cooked pasta must be done very gently, extracting the pasta from the water (with forks, perforated ladles or through the pasta basket already

    inserted in the pot) when it is still very al dente to allow the subsequent seasoning, completion of the preparation (for this reason it is useful to store some cooking water). Finally, it should be remembered that pasta cooked al dente, in addition to better preserving its nutritional principles, is more suitable for a tasting with satisfaction also of the pleasure of 'palatabilità' for its shape.