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    Provola Calabrese, La Campana g400

    Campana Latte

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    Milk pasteurized whole bovine, salt, rennet, lactic ferments.
    The product is sold with a tolerance of +/- 10% as it is cut on the spot from the whole wheel to ensure the greatest possible freshness.


    Calabrian provola also called "provola silana" or "provolone" it is a spun paste cheese with a conical shape and a sweet taste.
    It is characterized by a thin, smooth and straw yellow rind, with a compact and homogeneous paste.
    It has a delicate flavor that becomes spicy as it ages.
    It has a characteristic taste and is normally very popular even with children if not very seasoned. 

    Consumption: Can be savored fresh to enrich your mixed salads, on the plate or melted; over time it has become the protagonist of the table in the Mediterranean diet.

    Provola Silana is not produced only in Sila or Calabria, but in various regions of Southern Italy, also due to the tendency in the past by the owners of the herds to "transhume" for very long distances.


    The bell  it's a a small dairy company located in the Sila area that has made its wealth of its place of origin by focusing on the quality and selection of raw materials.

    The bell has been able to link tradition and modernity. In fact, in addition to following the times and methods of artisanal production, it is equipped with technological equipment for the processing of raw materials, managing to obtain excellent products in an efficient way.

    All the care and experience of the cheese masters is transformed into delicacy, perfumes, unique and genuine goodness.