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    Puzzone di Moena 250g


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    INGREDIENTS: Raw cow's milk, lamb rennet, selected lactic ferments, salt.

    The product is sold with a tolerance of +/- 10% as it is cut on the moment from the whole shape to ensure the greatest possible freshness.



    Cheese very well known by those who frequent the Val di Fassa and the Val di Fiemme, but also by those who love cheeses with high aromatic properties. Made with excellent milk, it is treated in the ripening period with crust washes that allow the pasta to take on intense aromas, which some call "stink".
    Smooth, oily, moist crust, sometimes with biting, or slightly wrinkled, straw-colored ochre or light brown or reddish brown. The paste is semi-hard, elastic, ivory in color or light straw. The eyelet is sparse, of medium fine size, irregularly distributed.

    Pairings: Table cheese and tasting cheese.

    Wines: Prefers full-bodied reds such as Barolo and Barbaresco.




    The raw milk of two milks, of which the evening milk left to ripen in basins and sometimes slightly skimmed, is heated to a temperature of 34°C and possibly inoculated with lacto grafting. The curd, presamica, undergoes a break to the size of a grain of corn or rice. Then the pasta is cooked at 44-48°C and left to settle on the bottom of the boiler. Then it is pressed with the "wheel", turned, cut into pieces, extracted and placed in the framed bands, where it undergoes a pressing. Salting is pickled or dry.


    THE ORIGIN OF THE PUZZONE The first officially documented news dates back to the post-war period when the breeders took the milk to the dairy, where it was weighed and the dairyman carried out the transformation. At the end of the month each farmer withdrew his share of the product and if he seasoned it in the cellar here he regularly wet the crust of the cheese with water and salt.
    This treatment created a practically waterproof layer that favored anaerobic fermentations, with the formation of odors and characteristic aromas while hindering other unwanted fermentations. A cheese therefore with a strong taste and with an accentuated flavor that had a lot of yield on the table of the poor peasant people of the time, that is, with a small amount the dish was very flavored. The yield on the table and the success of the product, are the elements that have given rise to and preserve over time this type of dairy production that, in more recent times, has spread even to a lesser extent, in the dairies of the Fiemme valley. The production of the moena social dairy (now combined with that of Predazzo) has been marketed since the beginning of the eighties with the logo "Puzzone di Moena" or "Spetz Tzaorì" and with this name is known on site, but also at provincial and national level. A flow to the Bavarian market has also begun in some years.