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    Ribolla Gialla Collio Doc Borgo Di Fradis 0.75 L

    Borgo di Fradis

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    The Ribolla Gialla links its millenary history to the Collio. It is here that this grape so versatile and capable of extraordinary expressions manages to fully express its potential; its color can be more or less intense or even amber in the experiences of long macerations typical of the Oslavia area, while the flavor always manages to express freshness, in a dry expression characterized by splendid acidity. La Ribolla represents about 10% of the total production and it is in these hills that it started to make itself known to the world.

    Color: straw yellow.

    Scent: characteristic, fresh ..

    Taste: dry cool.

    Variety: Grapes 100% Ribolla Gialla.

     Alcohol: 11,5° - 12°

    Pairings: appetizers, fish and seafood and white meats.