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    Caseificio dell'Alta Langa Robiola Bosina 300g

    Caseificio dell'Alta Langa

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    COW'S MILK, SHEEP MILK, ferments, rennet, salt



    Vacuum packed. Mixed cheese (cow's and sheep's milk) with soft, semi-seasoned dough, with a slightly flowery soft edible crust. It has an unmistakable square shape and a creamy heart capable of giving off pleasant aromas of butter and hay with its slight flowering of its tender crust gives sensations of undergrowth It can be delicate on the palate but also savory and tasty.

    Pairings: Cheese to be enjoyed with aperitif or at the end of the meal.

    Wines: barricaded reds.

    Flavor: Intense and round.



    The story of Caseificio dell'Alta Langa dates back to 1881.
    The search for local recipes, the wise use of technology, the obsession with the quality of raw materials, the experience and manual skills of man are the fundamental steps for the creation of products.

    The dairy is immersed in the nature of the Piedmontese hills, we are more precisely in Bosia, a small village in the Alta Langa.
    The producer's commitment is to keep alive the knowledge of the past. "The roots for us are important, so much so that all our production is the result of the tradition that the people who inhabit these places have always been handed down."

    An artisan production: "Our territory, made of steep slopes and far from the most important trade routes, is still nearly “UNCONTAMINATED” with its economy based mainly on little breeding of goats, sheep and cows".  "Hence the dairy production. Because of the small quantity of milk obtained by the everyday milking, people used to produce small size mixed milk cheeses, example of what we call the “langarola” tradition".