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    Robiola di Roccaverano DOP 350g


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    COW'S MILK, SHEEP MILK, ferments, rennet, salt.





    Vacuum packed.
    The "Robiola di Roccaverano D.o.p." is a soft cheese, with 100% goat's milk or goat/cattle, handcrafted in the territory located in the hills around the village of Roccaverano (AT), in Piedmont.
    The crust has flowering and is wrinkled, the color varies from light straw, straw or light red. The pasta is a fine microstructure and has creaminess in fresh cheese, while in affinato it can have creaminess in the subcrust. The color of the pasta is always white.
    The origins of roccaverano robiola date back to the Celts who, settleded in Liguria, began to produce a cheese similar to the current product. The robiola of Roccaverano is also mentioned in the chronicles of the year 1000. It was with the advent of the Romans that this cheese took the name rubeola, from the Latin ruber, a term by which the reddish color assumed by the crust at the end of the seasoning was indicated. Pliny the Elder also spoke of the qualities of this cheese, and of its production process.

    Flavor: Intense and with pungent sheep notes.
    Pairings: Cheese to be enjoyed at the end of the meal accompanied by a glass of good red wine.
    Wines: Aged reds ideal with noble Piedmontese wines such as Barbaresco.
    Storage: The storage of Robiola di Roccaverano PDO in the fridge is better if you do not use plastic or glass but a simple porcelain or ceramic cup or bowl that covers the cheese placed on a serving plate of the same material. This is because the porosity of porcelain or ceramics lets the cheese breathe. In some areas, cheese forms are still stored in oil as was the custom in the past.