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    Brizio Cooked Salami Materìn 100g


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    Pig salami. Vacuum-packed, Gluten-free, with no milk derivatives and no added polyphosphates.



    This is the definitive Salame Cotto (cooked salami) Materìn, a market leader thanks to its outstanding quality. This Piedmontese speciality is what has made Brizio famous everywhere. The ingredients are pork shoulder from Italian pigs and the characteristic cubes of pork back fat, mixed according to a traditional recipe, put into a natural gut casing and cooked in a bain-marie.



    Brizio Salumi was established in 1939 by the talented Matteo Brizio, known to all as “Nonno Materin”. Nonno Materin’s experience and passion, recognised by clients and employees alike, went into creating a range of products that quickly became favourites in his native Provincia Granda (the province of Cuneo) and the very symbol of Piedmontese cured meats.

    Thanks to its rigorous respect of Piedmontese traditions, the brand is becoming increasingly established as one of the best quality food companies in the region. The Company enjoys constant growth: a staff of more than 50, important business partners in the large scale retail trade and a widespread market presence in Piedmont and the north west of Italy.

    “Brizio” continues to offer authentic goodness and the quality of time-honoured local traditions, knowingly combined with innovative production methods, attention to the demands of modern life and consumer well-being.
    Brizio products are guaranteed gluten-free and listed in the handbook of the AIC (the Italian Coeliac Association).