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    Salami With Truffle g220 sv Franchi


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    100% Italian pig born, raised and slaughtered in Italy, salt, dextrose, sucrose, pepper, summer truffle flakes (tuber aestivum 0.2%), flavor, EVO oil of Community origin, antioxidants: E300, E301, preservatives: E252 , E250. Inedible casing


    The Franchi truffle salami is characterized by a very lean mixture and produced with first choice meats. Its taste inebriates already at the moment of its cut. 

    The product is vacuum packed, it is advisable to open the package one hour before being consumed. Once opened, it is advisable to keep the product wrapped in a cloth in the least cold part of the refrigerator or better still in the cellar.

     NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION per 100 g of product:

    Energy value (Calories) 367 kcal
    Energy value (Kjoule) ** 1525 kJ
    Fat 27,59 g
    of which saturated fats 10,04 g
    Carbohydrates <0.10 g
    of which sugars <0.10 g
    Proteins 29,68 g
    salt 5,14 g


    Salumeria Franchi was founded by Gianni Franchi and his wife Laura Ciullini in 1984, in a small factory in Follonica.

    The business was born with the artisanal production of roast Porchetta, which inaugurated the success of the company. Today Salumeria Franchi also welcomes the second generation of the Franchi family and operates in a renovated factory with the passion of the past.

    The products of the Franchi delicatessen are like a dip in the heart of the Maremma and offer the possibility of rediscovering the flavors and culinary art of the past, even at great distances from Tuscany.

    Today the Franchi sausage factory carries out its business in a modern and efficient structure in Follonica where, while leaving the traditions and artisan concepts unaltered, it boasts large laboratories and futuristic maturing rooms.

    The products of the Franchi delicatessen are obtained from pigs born and raised in Italy with an artisanal process that gives its products the true flavors of the Tuscan tradition and are appreciated by gourmets from all over the world.