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    Senfter South Tyrol Speck IGP delicate taste 100g


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    Pork leg, salt, spices, aromatic plants, antioxidant: preservative sodium ascorbate: sodium nitrite. Natural smoking.



    Thin slices of Senfter Speck I.G.P. label (Indicazione Geografica Protetta (Indication of Geographic Protection) softly arranged in a comfortable 100g package so that they are ready to serve on any occasion.

    With sliced Speck, Senfter's quality, flavor and tradition are within reach of the fridge. As soon as you open the package you will immediately recognize all the flavor and aromas characteristic of the Dolomites: the mixture of aromas and spices, cold smoking and pure air seasoning make speck senfter a unique salami.

    The fluffy slices of Speck are great for a second course but give their best as an appetizer as well.



    Senfter: master butchers since 1857
    For 160 years Senfter has brought the quality of South Tyrolean cured meats to our tables.
    The history of Senfter goes through over a century and a half of charcuterie tradition and is made up of ancient workers and authentic flavors : those of a territory with a great natural heritage and unique customs: South Tyrol .

    It was 1857 when the Senfter artisan butchery opened its doors : a family business specialized in slaughtering , treating fresh meats and producing salami typical of the area.

    Senfter was born in Val Pusteria, in San Candido . Here, the highest quality cured meats are still produced with the same care and dedication as almost two centuries ago, following ancient meat processing techniques and the traditions of this unique territory.

    Made in Südtirol, loved all over the world
    From an artisanal butcher's shop of the late nineteenth century to a large sausage factory, whose name is a guarantee of quality
    recognized all over the world.

    The love for authentic flavors and local traditions reward the work of the shop in via Mercato Vecchio which continues to grow. In the sixties, in fact, Senfter began a development path that transformed the sausage factory into the large company we know today: producer of excellence of South Tyrolean specialties and a beacon of innovation in the delicatessen industry thanks to the continuous search for cutting-edge technologiesthat are able to operate in full respect of the environment.
    In the eighties Senfter cured meats arrive for the first time on the tables of Germany , Northern Europe , South America , China and the United States , so the flavors of Südtirol are
    known and appreciated even outside the borders of the land of origin.